Sahumerio Number 1

Spaces can be invaded by negative energies and currents that make the environment dense and stop the positive flow. Sahumerio Number 1 is a set of woods and aromatic resins that come together to purify, drive away and transform all unfavorable environmental forces.

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The incense burners generate aromatic fumes, a mixture of substances that are released upon combustion and in this case this combustion is incomplete, for this reason a clean smoke of particles is generated that contains water vapor and thousands of volatile substances.

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The effect of incense burners is widely known to everyone; their odorous vapors clean the environment, driving away all kinds of negative elements belonging to the densest levels of material manifestation, creating a magnet effect that transmutes the impurities of the environment.

Sahumerio 1

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They clean the different aspects of the present atmosphere, repelling the negative physical elements found in the air, particles that enter the house or that we ourselves transport from the street and that are loaded from other environments or other people.

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The ideal way is over lit charcoal. Charcoal is easy to obtain and manipulate, just expose it near the flame or the electric stove at maximum heat, so that it ignites; You can also do this on a heated, moving metal plate.


Meditation is a “natural” process of the human being, similar to eating or sleeping, it is a methodology that is written in the ancient and cellular memory of each person and of all of humanity. It is equivalent to thinking, but in an orderly and concentrated way.



  • Essences, woods, barks and aromatic resins of renewal.
  • The constituent elements of a purification incense must be intense, concentrated and persistent. It must be a mixture that brings together simple odorous substances (contained in essential oils) that can activate or enhance each other.
  • It is a complete set of woods - bark and gum resins with a balsamic and turpentine aroma, which when burned produce fumes rich in safroles, borneols and cinnamates, natural perfumes that travel in the vapor, purifying the environment in seconds, transforming all negative vibrations. and harmful physical and astral entities, due to its great power of penetration, even in the most remote places. Everything that is found at the moment of smudging will be released from force.
Mode of Use
  • At any time of day, open doors and windows beforehand, start in the innermost part of the house and carry the smoke to all corners (bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc.), as if it were traveling through the house from the inside out; ending at the main door, place the incense on a heat-insulating object near the door and when the smoke comes out, close the room, finally make the closed blessing from the door and proceed to close the doors and windows.
  • Application area: Spaces.
  • You will witness the change of the environment, you will feel renewed and clean; You will notice major positive changes in yourself and those around you. You can do the incense every two months, on special dates of the year or when you perceive negative charges in the environment.

Meditation is an extraordinary resource that has always accompanied us since we were children, when we wake up, when we sleep, when we rest or whenever we have a worry. Visualize the positive change in your life, it is necessary to remember that at that moment concentration increases and enhances the effect of the bath. After doing it, do the closed blessing.


    Be careful when handling the charcoal or the metal container used for incense, so that you avoid burning yourself when doing so; place it on a surface that collects any sparks or debris that may fall.

    The tradition
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    There are simple things that can change life, simple events that make a difference, a before and after, this is particularly true in energetic processes and is an ancient tradition that cannot be lost.

    The content
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    The box has enough content for two smudges or to smudge two rooms, however, this depends on the space in which it will be done, in any case, seal the bag well to preserve the aromas.

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    It is important to know which plants are used, look at the effects of the mixture, analyze how their essences and woods behave. It is necessary to know plants in depth, since some cancel out the effect.

    The identification
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    It is necessary to know perfectly the species used, because many plants have their analogues or similar species, but they have nothing to do with the required property and, therefore, do not have the same effects.

    The recollection
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    The plants must be collected at the indicated time, depending on the essences, wood, bark or resin; It is important to know how to collect them, to know the time and the technique, this is something that a connoisseur must do.

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    It is necessary to reduce the stress caused to the plants as much as possible and use techniques devised by ancient herbalists to put them to sleep, in this way the plant material retains a significant percentage of its fragrances.

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    Product Details

    Sahumerio Number 1

    • Aromatic ambient fumes for cleaning and well-being.
    • Purifies in seconds and transforms negative vibrations even in the most remote places.
    • Set of woods and resins that come together to purify and transform any unfavorable force.
    • Use: to dislodge negative energy from the environment. Second step of space practice.
    • Presentation: mixture of plant extracts.
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    Sahumerio Number 1