Flower Exaltation Bath

The Exaltation bath of flowers is a set of flowers with a persistent aroma, collected from their natural environment using the flakes or flowering tops, a place in which the elemental force is most illuminated. Flower baths give the aura a special brightness, the ability to attract and communicate with the brightness or radiance of other auras, magnetic properties that produce attraction and polarize the attention of other people who perceive it only at a subconscious level.

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When the water is hot, plants release all their substances and in a vapor state they reach a maximum energy point. Its fragrances and essences reach different points of the body, causing transformations in different places of the physical body and other more subtle bodies.

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The volatile substances contained in the plants and essences of the baths, upon contact with water, release active ingredients that leave a delicate film of herbal, floral and fruity aromas on the skin, allowing the body's natural glow to be restored.

Exaltation of Flowers

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The special, volatile and perfumed aromas that are studied to produce great effects, have a smell-memory relationship through which a whole memory of lived situations arrives, the relationship is so deep that with smells it is possible to remember situations from other lives.

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The relationship between smell and the main glands of the brain is indisputable. Aromas indirectly stimulate the thin membranes that separate the upper sense of smell from the pituitary gland, causing very beneficial effects on consciousness, mood, and the strength of positivity.


Meditation is a “natural” process of the human being, similar to eating or sleeping, it is a methodology that is written in the ancient and cellular memory of each person and of all of humanity. It is equivalent to thinking, but in an orderly and concentrated way.



  • Energy connection.
  • The Exaltation of Flowers bath is a set of wild flowers known as the “tree jasmine” group, aromatic wild flowers of cold earth with a touch of cinnamon, collected in September from their natural environment using the flakes or flowering tops; place where the elemental force is most illuminated.
  • It is called an “Exaltation” bath, because to make them these energy-filled flakes are used, then they are dried at relatively low temperatures, that is, they never exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Those who manipulate this very special material know that it is “sleeping” a elemental force, this is achieved with sowing, harvesting, rehydration and drying at special temperatures, it is something that requires knowledge and experience, the elemental force must be stored, dormant, waiting, it must be treated so that the potential force of the elemental lasts intact; In no way can this plant treatment be improvised or poorly done, the elemental would not impregnate the leaves and flowers in the same way, and the effect of the living force of the elemental would not be achieved.
Mode of Use
  • Add the contents of the container to 2 liters of warm water and apply this mixture for a final rinse after bathing, starting with the feet and ending with the head. Do 3 or 4 times a year.
  • Application area: Body.
  • It is necessary to do a short meditation for a few seconds, while applying the bath, to change everything, to dislodge the still energy and to renew the energy.

Meditation is an extraordinary resource that has always accompanied us since we were children, when we wake up, when we sleep, when we rest or whenever we have a worry. Visualize the positive change in your life, it is necessary to remember that at that moment concentration increases and enhances the effect of the bath. After doing it, do the closed blessing.


    Exclusively cosmetic use. Do not eat. In case of sensitivity, discontinue use temporarily. Keep out of reach of children.

    What is a bathroom?
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    The bath is an infusion or decoction that is applied directly to the skin of the body, producing a vapor chamber during the procedure, causing several fundamental effects on the skin, smell and aura.

    What is an extract?
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    It is a substance obtained by a process called percolation, in which the plants are brought into contact with solvents such as water and glycerin, thus obtaining the seven extracts separately and then joining them in their proportions.

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    It is important to know which plants are used, look at the effects of the mixture, analyze how their essences and aromas behave in a vapor state. It is necessary to know plants in depth, since some cancel out the effect.

    The identification
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    It is necessary to know perfectly the species used, because many plants have their analogues or similar species, but they have nothing to do with the required property and, therefore, do not have the same effects.

    The recollection
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    The plants must be collected at the indicated time, if the flowering tops are collected, it must be in bud, if it is the leaf, knowing how to collect the green branches in bud is something that a connoisseur must do.

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    It is necessary to reduce the stress caused to the plants as much as possible and use techniques devised by ancient herbalists to put them to sleep, in this way the plant material retains a significant percentage of its fragrances.

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    Product Details

    Flower Exaltation Bath

    • Magnetic properties that are perceived in the subconscious.
    • It gives the aura a special shine and the ability to attract and communicate with the shine of other auras.
    • Magnetic properties that produce attraction and polarize the attention of other people.
    • It is an infusion for energetic cleansing, independent of any religious belief.
    • Use: for spiritual dates. Kárttika, equinoxes and solstices.
    • Presentation: 120 milliliters.
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    Flower Exaltation Bath