Moonlit Nights Infusion

The Moonlit Nights Infusion is a balanced mixture of medicinal aromatic plants, such as passionflower , feverfew and bitter orange , which combat stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Tranquilizing effects that induce sleep and rest, which increases daytime energy and vitality, combating fatigue and decay. It is anxiolytic, tranquilizing and sleep motivator.

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Our Infusions are foods with various natural healing active ingredients, a combination of medicinal plants that can be consumed simultaneously in the recommended dose without causing any type of imbalance, since they are all well received by the body.


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It is an instant extract, a way to easily take medicinal plants without the worry of mixing incorrectly and with the confidence that these plants, which are properly dehydrated and packaged in their filter bags, are absolutely effective.

Moonlit Nights Infusion

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To guarantee that you can drink our Infusions with complete confidence in the quality of the plants and the process, we make sure that the plants are well chosen, dried properly and chopped finely so they can be placed in the special bags.

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A double infusion is very alkalizing. Our Infusions are simple to prepare: hot water without boiling, two infusion bags and sweetened with stevia or without sweetness, since you have to get used to reducing its quantity and understand that sugar is contrary to alkalinity.


Infusions are an art, it is necessary to know the plants, know how to identify them and know which ones can be mixed, that is why they have two enormous advantages for health: the first, the medicinal power that warm-hot water has, this is one of the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine, since drinking it has incredible health benefits; and the second, medicinal plants, which, correctly added to that water, increase its power.



  • For a delicious, deep and restful natural sleep.
  • It is a balanced mixture of medicinal aromatic plants to combat stress, anxiety and insomnia. 100% natural and without side effects.
  • It contains natural tranquilizing active ingredients that induce restful sleep and rest, which significantly improves lucidity and vitality during the day, effectively combating fatigue and decay.
  • It contains pure and natural active ingredients that include passionflower and orange tree, which promote natural relaxation; to chamomile flowers, with a notable anxiolytic effect; and lemon balm, which preserves and maintains deep sleep.
  • Designed with relaxing and calming plants for the nervous system, mixtures of proven effectiveness used by ancient peoples, their effect has currently been proven with advanced photochemical studies. Tradition and experience combined with research and technology.
  • It is tranquilizing due to the proven effect of passionflowers that act on the central nervous system, without side effects and without dependence or addiction to any of its components.
  • Its action is relaxing, produced by various elements of the mixture, normalizing alertness and gently inducing sleep. The effect is balanced without the drastic consequences of “knockout” chemicals.
  • It is aromatherapeutic, because plants such as chamomile flowers and the bitter or sour orange tree release volatile aromatic essential oils during the infusion process that, when inhaled, occupy the internal cavities of the olfactory system, stimulating the nervous centers of rest and muscle relaxation. .
  • Active ingredients: Passionflower (Passiflora edulis), feverfew (Matricaria chamomilla) and bitter orange (Citrus aurantium).
Mode of Use
  • Adults: 1- In a cup, place the filter bag and add hot water. 2- Cover the cup for 5 minutes, then remove the filter bag from the water. 3- Enjoy a delicious natural drink whenever you need it.
  • Presentation: 20 bags of 1.5 gc/u - Net content: 30 grams
  • In a common infusion, place the bag of medicinal plants, pour boiling water into the cup, cover it for 3 or 4 minutes and let it reach an ideal temperature to be able to drink it. But there is also a rigorous way to make an infusion and it has two special precautions that make it more effective: first, the water must be filtered from the refrigerator or a commercial filter and mineral water is not recommended; second, the water should not boil, because for plants the boiling point is very hot, that is why the best way to prepare them is to remove the water from the heat when it is making bubbles, but just before boiling, and follow the entire process. Normal process. This is how a rigorous infusion is made.

So that the infusions have even more medicinal virtues, it is ideal not to add sugar, since, if it is added to each of the infusions taken during the day, excess calories would be consumed.


Keep in a clean, dry and cool place at room temperature. Does not contain caffeine or chemical additives. 100% natural product.

passionflower, feverfew and bitter orange
What is passionflower
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Passionflower is a vine plant with very striking flowers, rich in essential oils, tannins, phytosterols and especially alkaloids and flavonoids, known for their positive effects on sleep problems.

Benefits of passionflower
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Passionflower is one of the most important natural resources, its alkaloids and antioxidants enhance the relaxing effect that helps combat insomnia, eliminate fatigue and combat anxiety and stress.

What is feverfew
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Feverfew is a herb well known for its health benefits, with active ingredients such as mucilage, flavonoids, lactones, phytosterols, coumarins and essential oils with anti-inflammatory and sedative effects.

Benefits of feverfew
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Feverfew is a sedative plant that in infusion helps calm nervousness and anxiety, thanks to the content of flavonoids and terpenoids, active ingredients that, together with brain receptors, improve mental calm.

What is bitter orange
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It is a fruit with a high content of vitamin C that helps strengthen the defense system. In addition, its flowers prepared as an infusion are especially effective as antidepressants and tranquilizers.

Benefits of bitter orange
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Orange leaves have very effective characteristics and active ingredients to calm the mind and relax the nervous system in general, avoiding problems such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.

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Product Details

Moonlit Nights Infusion

  • Natural wellness, rest and relaxation therapy that calms nervousness and restlessness.
  • Mild tranquilizer with notable anti-stress effect.
  • It is an anxiolytic sleep motivator.
  • Use: insomnia, anxiety, depression and depression.
  • Presentation: 20 bags. 30 grams.
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Moonlit Nights Infusion