Beer yeast

Hilda Strauss® Brewer's Yeast is a cell that grows and multiplies from sprouted barley. It is the final product of a double transformation of the birth of life. First of all, sprouted barley is an incredible source of nutrients, it is a living cell in the embryonic process, a plant in a prodigious state of cell multiplication. Secondly, these brewer's yeast cells are born from these sprouts, also in the process of multiplication, germination. They are young cells, with all the characteristics of fresh organisms, full of amino acids, enzymes and minerals not found in the same form in other food or supplements. This is the secret of Brewer's Yeast: living cells to balance and rebuild the body.

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It is a live, microscopic mushroom with great medicinal properties, but science has not yet discovered all the virtues of Brewer's Yeast. It is one of the wonder foods, named for its high protein content that is easily assimilated by the body.


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Its high iron content recovers people with anemia, those who suffer from drowsiness, suffer from narcolepsy, who involuntarily fall asleep and are listless. Brewer's Yeast regulates the sleep cycle and is useful for sleepyheads or insomniacs.

Beer yeast

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Brewer's Yeast is perfect for those who have difficult diets, due to food preferences or because of work, they only eat one or two types of food or junk food, for the modern malnourished, it balances the nutritional imbalance.

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Brewer's Yeast is one of nature's prodigious foods, mainly, it is proven rejuvenating, researchers know it as the "food of longevity."


The skin benefits incredibly from Brewer's Yeast, due to the content of chromium and group B vitamins. It is known that one of the reasons why the skin falls or sags and the connective fibers give way and elongate. , is vitamin B deficiency. There are many investigations of brewer's yeast for the skin and the most extensive have been carried out in Berkeley, California, and burn wards. The explanations lead mainly to the vitamin content of this food. Research is being carried out on brewer's yeast for varicose veins, because it contains niacin or vitamin B3.



  • It is a blood sugar regulator, important for both hypoglycemics and diabetics. It is not a suspicion, it has scientific verification and the investigations of Copenhagen and those of the United States Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, Maryland are recognized. The conclusions are surprising, to the point that many of the patients who took brewer's yeast without fail required less insulin. Brewer's Yeast is spectacular for young people with hypoglycemia, for gestational diabetes or hypoglycemia due to pregnancy.
  • It is ideal for those who have diabetes problems and for those who have this problem in the family and, therefore, are at risk of suffering from it. Yeast, in this sense, prevents diabetes from occurring over time.
  • Corrects hypoglycemia problems.
  • Active ingredients: Brewer's Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), 475 milligrams.
Mode of Use
  • Adults: Take 1 tablet a day.
  • Nutritional Information: Daily Serving Size: 1 Tablet - Servings Per Container: 100
  • Presentation: 100 tablets
  • All malnourished people should consume it, people with serious illnesses, obese people with calorie restriction, anorexics and bulimics, people with high LDL cholesterol, that is, bad cholesterol, as well as all those who suffer from diabetes and hypoglycemia.


This product is a dietary supplement, it is not a medicine and does not replace a balanced diet.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not consume during pregnancy and lactation. May cause hypersensitivity. Keep in a cool, dry place protected from light. Store at a temperature no higher than 30° and relative humidity lower than 65%.

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What is brewer's yeast
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It is a microscopic fungus effective in advanced plant nutrition, it recovers and relaxes all the muscles of the body, it recovers the intestine because it is pure intestinal flora, for this reason, it is ideal in recovery after taking medications, mainly if it is antibiotics. .

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This term means "for life" and has been practically coined for living cells that do good for the body, such as lactobacilli or intestinal bacteria beneficial to health.

Easy to consume
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Brewer's Yeast is more bioavailable, more accepted by the body, although its presentation is in tablets, it does not change its nature, absolutely natural, it is simply compacted directly to facilitate its ingestion.

prodigy food
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One of the greatest sources of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals is the same material with which beer is made. Living cells that behave as factories of group B vitamins and minerals such as chromium, the mineral of long life.

Benefits of brewer's yeast
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It is full of amino acids, enzymes and minerals not found in the same form in other foods or supplements. This is the secret of Brewer's Yeast, living cells to balance and rebuild the body.

Germ cell
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Brewer's Yeast is used as a raw material in the manufacture of beer. It is a living germ cell, a prodigious organism full of restorative elements for life.

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Product Details

Beer yeast

  • Helps to always have youthful skin.
  • Fights digestive problems, stimulating digestion and recovering the beneficial flora of the intestine.
  • It is a liver tonic
  • Due to its mineral and vitamin content, it helps eliminate fatigue, tiredness and weakness.
  • Use: 1 capsule per day. 100 servings per container.
  • Presentation: 100 tablets.
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