UV Basic Natural Moisturizer

Special hydration formula for every day, thanks to the emollient extract of palmarosa and the protective effect of aloe vera and chamomile . The skin is soft and luminous, with a delicate mantle that counteracts the harmful action of ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight and artificial light.

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It is an emulsion rich in rehydrating extracts, reinforced with antioxidants and broad-spectrum sunscreen. It immediately hydrates, calms and refreshes the epidermis, protecting it from natural and artificial light.

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Recovers the skin from UV exposure, neutralizes free radicals and hydrates the epidermal layers with effective plant extracts, widely recognized for their moisturizing, softening and restorative virtues.

UV Basic Natural Moisturizer

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It is a soft emulsion based on aloe vera, chamomile extract, palmarosa and vitamin E, effective plant extracts widely recognized for their moisturizing, softening and restorative virtues.

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The skin needs moisture to stay young until old age, and sunscreen is to protect itself from natural and artificial light that ages and makes the skin sick.


Hydrating and moisturizing formulas should be used in the morning to prevent dryness, delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and protect skin against pollution. Its use is essential to give the skin a healthy, soft and luminous appearance and, at the same time, protect it against the radiation of sunlight and artificial light.



  • An intensive hydration and rejuvenation therapy for dry-prone skin. Maximum natural hydration that penetrates the skin, promoting volume, regeneration and cellular turgor.
  • 50% of the skin's appearance is due to factors related to its moisture status, and Hilda Strauss® UV Basic Natural Moisturizer is a soft and fluid emulsion, oil-in-water type, rich in softening and rehydrating extracts, therefore be an emulsion based on active extract of palmarosa, chamomile, vitamin E and aloe vera; impeccably bioavailable and assimilable natural active ingredients. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, immediately softening and restoring the epidermis, revitalizing the stratum corneum, protecting it from natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation. The other active ingredients recover the skin from UV exposure, neutralize free radicals and hydrate the epidermal layers with effective plant extracts, widely recognized for their moisturizing, softening and restorative virtues.
  • Contains Parsol which is the best UV protection filter currently available and does NOT contain the very common but dangerous chemicals Oxybenzone and Paba.
  • Active ingredients: Palmarosa extract, broad-spectrum UV sunscreen, vitamin E, chamomile and aloe extract.
Mode of Use
  • With skin completely cleansed and toned, apply it in the morning with gentle circular massages. You can repeat the application during the day whenever your skin requires extra moisture and sun protection.
  • Use: Day - For all ages - For dry skin.
  • Application area: Face, neck and décolleté.
  • If you are going to be exposed to the sun or if you are undergoing an anti-stain treatment, you can mix a little Sun Block with the Moisturizing Cream in your hand and then apply the mixture. You should not mix the sunscreen with the cream, only mix the amount you are going to use at the time of application.

Humidification and protection from light are not an option, they are an obligation; Radiation makes you sick and old.


If you experience sensitivity, discontinue use temporarily. Keep it out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, membranes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water.

What is palmarosa
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Benefits of palmarosa
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It balances the skin and controls microorganisms, reduces inflammation, mainly around the eyes, and helps treat dehydrated skin.

The importance of UV sunscreen
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The skin is affected throughout the day, not only by ultraviolet radiation from natural light, but also by artificial light from light bulbs and screens, which is why a broad-spectrum filter is so necessary to defend it.

Benefits of vitamin E
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Specialists consider it the most important antioxidant, since it protects cell membranes and prevents damage from the enzymes associated with them. It can also inactivate free radicals and reduce sun damage.

Benefits of chamomile extract
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Chamomile is a very traditional medicinal plant used to cleanse, clarify, reduce inflammation and deeply hydrate the skin.

Benefits of aloe vera
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The constant use of aloe vera deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. It acts as a cell regenerator, helping the skin stay soft and rejuvenated.

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Product Details

UV Basic Natural Moisturizer

  • Soft and fluid emulsion, rich in softening and rehydrating extracts
  • Immediately moisturizes, soothes and refreshes the epidermis. Vivins the stratum corneum and protects it from natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation.
  • For skin with a dry tendency.
  • Use: day. For all ages.
  • Application area: face, neck and décolleté.
  • Presentation: 58 grams.
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UV Basic Natural Moisturizer