Calendula Lotion

Balanced solution of concentrated calendula extract , glycolic acid , cape gooseberry extract , mallow extract and almond glycerides that even out skin color, eliminate shiny complexion and correct imperfections caused by acne.

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It is a wonderful lotion that disinfects acne, erases lines and wrinkles, removes scars and softens folds, normalizes fatty secretions, closes enlarged pores, removes stains, lightens freckles, lowers the height of keloids, evens out the skin and removes roughness.


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It is a facial regeneration therapy for the skin. While some of the natural active ingredients do dermabrasion and disinfection, other elements reduce inflammation, preventing irritation and eliminating imperfections caused by acne.

Calendula Lotion

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It is an aqueous extract ideal for normalizing the skin, made with calendula flower extract, cape gooseberry extract and glycolic acid, which renew cells, even out skin color, lightening pigmented traces, and helping to remove roughness and residue. fatty.

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The oily skin of men and women of any age tends to become contaminated and form blemishes, comedones or pimples, which are accumulations of melanin and oxidized fat that, when contaminated, can produce "pimples."


Calendula has been recognized since ancient times as a healing agent, both for small superficial vessels and for serious hemorrhages; However, it is complicated to prepare: only the petals can be used, and the aqueous extract is difficult to stabilize. It must be carried out using advanced extract standardization procedures and only then can its effectiveness, action and multipurpose virtue (anti-acne, oil control, stain removal, deep cleansing) be guaranteed. Only a formula with the exact water balance can exert all these beneficial actions on the skin, without drying it out or excessively exfoliating it.



  • Essential part of the rejuvenating medicine cabinet for all skin types!
  • Modern facial regeneration therapy. Balanced solution of concentrated extracts that even out skin color, eliminate shiny complexions and correct imperfections caused by oily skin, prone to the appearance of spots, acne, inflammation, rashes, among other associated conditions. Contains glycolic acid, almond glyceides and lippia alba leaf oil that remove stains and promote cell turnover. Also floral extracts that combine with the indisputable rejuvenating power of fruit acids, giving it a powerful healing, antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Cape gooseberry is rejuvenating, since it promotes the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Thanks to its moisturizing power, it can also be used on dry skin that needs to correct an inflamed area.
  • Active ingredients: Concentrated calendula extract, glycolic acid, cape gooseberry extract, mallow extract, almond glycerides.
Mode of Use
  • Before applying the Calendula Lotion, it is essential that the skin is clean and free of residue, through the prior use of the Cleanser and Makeup Remover with Camu-Camu Extract. Moisten a cotton ball with Calendula Lotion and apply it to the face and neck, focusing on areas with excess oil or acne lesions. Application should be done in the morning and evening after cleansing. Then, apply the Moisturizer with Sunscreen in the morning; and at night, the Anti-Aging Nourishing Cream and the Nourishing Eye and Lip Contour Serum.
  • Young skin with acne and oil problems: Complement by applying in the morning after the shower, before the Moisturizer with Sunscreen.
  • Skin with blemish problems: Complement by applying the night before the Lightening Cream.
  • Use: Day and night - For all ages - For all skin types.
  • Application area: Face, neck and areas with excess oil or acne lesions.
  • Apply it every day on elbows, knees, neckline and back of hands, to lighten freckles, and recover skin color (even out). Apply to critical areas daily. On the neck it is done with facial application. Apply the Aloe and Guava Mattifying Mask once a week.

Thanks to its moisturizing power, it can also be used on dry skin that needs to correct an inflamed area. The use of sunscreen in the morning and at noon is essential.


If you experience sensitivity, discontinue use temporarily. Keep it out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, membranes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water.

Benefits of calendula
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It is one of the wonders of therapeutic botany, it is astringent, which in cosmetics means affirmation and tone for the skin. It also reduces the normal inflammation caused by acne lesions in seconds.

Active ingredients of calendula
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Flavonoids are substances that activate superficial circulation, reducing couperose; and mucilage are sugary gelatins with anti-inflammatory properties that make calendula one of the best anti-acne plants.

Benefits of glycolic acid
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It is one of the famous rejuvenation acids. It reacts quickly on the skin, making a progressive cellular exchange, removing the skin and renewing it, thinning the layer of dead cells and thickening the other layers.

Benefits of almond glycerides
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The skin is a barrier with impermeable characteristics that is difficult to overcome and, to do so, almond glycerides and some glycols of vegetable origin are necessary to open the way and stimulate the penetration of substances.

Benefits of cape gooseberry
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Cape gooseberry promotes the production of collagen and elastin. It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and, due to its high content of vitamins A and C, it fights free radicals, responsible for the signs of aging on the skin.

Benefits of mallow
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Mallow is a wild flower that calms and softens the skin. It has emollient properties and, due to its content of vitamins, tannins and mucilage, it is used to treat conditions such as acne, pimples, eczema and wounds.

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Product Details

Calendula Lotion

  • Matches the texture and tone of the fabrics
  • Attacks the signs of aging and restores damaged skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and firms the skin.
  • For all skin types.
  • Use: Day and night - For all ages
  • Application area: Face, neck and areas with excess oil or acne lesions.
  • Presentation: 130 milliliters.
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