Fortifying Shampoo

Shampoo with concentrated cinchona extract and concentrated extract of the juice of the chontaduro fruit pulp, especially for dry and damaged hair, for thin hair that has suffered all kinds of treatments for a long time, weakening both the strand and the scalp, and also for very thin hair due to hereditary and hormonal issues.

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Hair formulas that stimulate the hair follicle to recover, restore, moisturize and improve the appearance of the hair and scalp, especially in cases of medical treatments or aesthetic procedures such as dyes or perms.

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Silicone is the component that seals the hair, suffocating it and making it fall, that is why our hair formulas are silicone-free and, on the contrary, its nourishing natural extracts cleanse the hair of the damage caused by these harmful substances.

Fortifying Cream Shampoo

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This shampoo for dry or damaged hair has a formula that nourishes, hydrates and fortifies it with elasticity to prevent it from becoming brittle. Its extracts are truly natural and highly concentrated ingredients that guarantee their effectiveness.

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To achieve the required effects of our hair formulas, not only is the aroma very important, but additionally the foam produced is delicious, controlled and has the exact effect for cleaning and moisturizing the scalp and hair shaft.


Our hair formulas have several objectives, one, they are hydrating or moisturizing, that is, they recover the ability of the hair and scalp to retain their moist mantle in the emulsified layer, two, they are nourishing or nutritious thanks to their active ingredients such as waxes and Three natural oils, they are free of heavy softeners like silicone.



  • Intensive natural ingredients for hair and scalp conditioning. Effectively cleanses while providing nutrition, shine and elasticity.
  • A formula with precise indications for hair that lacks shine or volume, that has lost its elasticity and that is fragile and brittle; These are hairs that tend to suffer from split hair and have a rough feeling to the touch due to lack of nutrition.
  • Active ingredients: Quina, chontaduro and palma christi.
Mode of Use
  • Apply to damp hair, massaging gently with your fingertips, then rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the application if you wish.
  • Use: For all ages - For dry or damaged hair.
  • Application area: hair.
  • A very important part of our hair formulas is the experience and sensation in the shower, since during the bath a vapor capsule with aromas is created, whether a curtain, a glass partition or simply a closed bathroom is used, This becomes an aroma cabin in which you experience a spectacular aromatic sensation and on this occasion the concentration of fragrance is greater, so that the bathing experience is delicious.

All our active ingredients are real, concentrated and do not contain silicone, since this is deposited at the base of the hair shaft, like an artificial wax that cannot be removed with the next wash and that deposits on the bristles of the brushes, knocking down the hair. hair in a short time; The extracts of our natural formulas are obtained with the highest quality standards and in addition, we always add hydrolates, an aqueous extract that is achieved through special distillation processes and that are added to the water of the shampoos to take advantage of the effect on all aqueous fractions of medicinal plants.


    Avoid contact with eyes, membranes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. If you experience sensitivity, temporarily discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.

    Quina and Chontaduro
    What is cinchona
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    Cinchona is the bark of the cinchona tree, a plant with medicinal purposes that can be found in almost all of America. Its extract has been used for hundreds of years in the form of water to stop hair loss.

    Benefits of cinchona
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    Cinchona has regenerating, fortifying and moisturizing properties. Its continuous use helps restore damaged hair, combat volume loss and stimulate growth, ideal for all hair types.

    What is chontaduro
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    It is one of the most nutritious fruits that can be found, it is round, can be yellow, green or orange in color and is characterized by having a high content of beta-carotene, proteins, vitamins and amino acids.

    Benefits of chontaduro
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    Thanks to its components such as minerals, phosphorus, iron, calcium and especially its high beta-carotene content, chontaduro helps maintain youth, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

    What is palm christi oil
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    Palma christi oil or castor oil is native to tropical areas, among its components you can find flavonoids, amino acids, fatty acids, a large amount of vitamins A, E and F, proteins and minerals.

    Benefits of palm christi oil
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    Thanks to its components and especially its fatty acids, this oil is ideal for healthy hair growth and to avoid split ends, and it also eliminates bacteria and fungi from the scalp.

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    Product Details

    Fortifying Shampoo

    • Restores and increases the thickness and capillary resistance of dry or damaged hair.
    • The best and most concentrated natural elements to strengthen hair.
    • Does not contain silicones.
    • Anti-frizz formula with controlled foam.
    • For dry or damaged hair.
    • Use: for all ages.
    • Application area: hair.
    • Presentation: 400 milliliters.
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    Fortifying Shampoo