Rosmarinus Hair Revitalizer

Renewing and restoring hair treatment due to the action of rosmarinus leaf extract , aloe barbadensis extract , chamomile flower and leaf extract, cinchona bark extract , palm christi oil , vitamin E , panthenol , lemongrass leaf oil and beef hand oil . Active ingredients that stimulate the birth of new hair growth and control hair loss, keeping it perfectly nourished, healthy and hydrated. Activates circulation in the scalp area, responsible for nourishing and oxygenating from the hair follicles to the ends, stimulating the birth, growth and maintenance of hair; while correcting the cumulative damage generated by pollution and the use of chemicals.

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Hair formulas that stimulate the hair follicle to recover, restore, moisturize and improve the appearance of the hair and scalp, especially in cases of medical treatments or aesthetic procedures such as dyes or perms.

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Silicone is the component that seals the hair, suffocating it and making it fall, that is why our hair formulas are silicone-free and, on the contrary, its nourishing natural extracts cleanse the hair of the damage caused by these harmful substances.

Rosmarinus Hair Revitalizer

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This is a truly spectacular modern formula, full of nutritional elements, with a good concentration of vitamin E and with whole extracts. Truly natural and highly concentrated ingredients that guarantee its effectiveness.

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The perfect synergy between aloe vera aloe vera that conditions the cells and leaves them ready to receive the super nutrition of beef hand oil, an ingredient with collagen and the best concentrated oil elements.

Eliminates dryness
Correct the damage
Control the fall
Stimulates growth

Our hair formulas have several objectives, one, they are hydrating or moisturizing, that is, they recover the ability of the hair and scalp to retain their moist mantle in the emulsified layer, two, they are nourishing or nutritious thanks to their active ingredients such as waxes and Three natural oils, they are free of heavy softeners such as silicone or salt.



  • Natural solution to brittleness and hair loss, without silicone.
  • The revitalizer is a set of extracts with proven benefits for the hair and scalp, all with a different beneficial effect and which together work in a truly surprising way.
  • The base of this revitalizing agent is rosemary or rosmarinus, a plant full of essential oils with natural camphors, limonenes and many other compounds. These oils have an impressive level of penetration, they have the key to entry into cell groups, correcting problems, nourishing the scalp and reactivating it.
  • Another important element that this formula has is cinchona, used for many years for fevers, specifically malaria, and it is precisely because of its diaphoretic properties that it produces a very special micro sweating on the scalp that helps reactivate the hair follicle. making a game of cellular relaxation due to the alkaloids it contains and contraction due to the tannins.
  • Aloe vera, popularly known as “aloe crystals” is a very important component in the revitalizing agent because it has mucilage, nourishing and emollient substances that work synergistically with rosemary and cinchona, it has aloin and saccharides, highly hydrating elements that are very necessary. for damaged hair because moisturizing is essential in the revitalization or restoration treatment of the scalp.
  • Active ingredients: Rosmarinus leaf extract, aloe barbadendis extract, chamomile flower and leaf extract, cinchona bark extract, beef hand oil, palma christi oil, Vitamin E, panthenol and lemongrass leaf oil.
Mode of Use
  • Apply a sufficient amount to damp hair with light circular massages from roots to ends and cover it with a plastic cap for at least 15 to 20 minutes to achieve proper penetration and effect. Later rinse with water.
  • Use: For all ages - For damaged hair.
  • Application area: hair.
  • To ensure the total recovery of the hair and scalp, this hair formula can act in synergy with Yam Milkshake, which from the glands and internal health makes the skin and hair healthy, Biotin, which is the vitamin hair, the Hair Regenerating Tonic, a set of fluid extracts from medicinal hair plants that restore the health of the scalp and the specialized shampoo for each of the hair's needs.

All our active ingredients are real and concentrated, they do not contain silicone to avoid damage and they do not foam so as not to attack the hair or scalp.


    Avoid contact with eyes, membranes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. If you experience sensitivity, temporarily discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.

    Benefits of rosmarinus
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    Rosmarinus is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that help fight free radicals, preventing aging. It also activates circulation, stimulates the irrigation of the hair follicle and improves the appearance of the hair.

    Benefits of chamomile
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    Chamomile is a plant with natural oils and antioxidants that protects, repairs and revitalizes hair naturally, counteracts damage caused by aggressive products and prevents the appearance of dandruff.

    Benefits of cinchona
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    Cinchona has regenerating, fortifying and moisturizing properties. Its continuous use helps restore damaged hair, combat volume loss and stimulate growth, ideal for all hair types.

    Benefits of palm christi oil
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    Thanks to its components and especially its fatty acids, this oil is ideal for healthy hair growth and to avoid split ends, and it also eliminates bacteria and fungi from the scalp.

    Panthenol benefits
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    Panthenol is a very useful moisturizer and emollient. It prevents hair weakness, gives it strength and protects it from external damage, it also penetrates the scalp, deeply hydrating it and improving volume.

    Benefits of lemongrass oil
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    Lemongrass helps improve the health of hair, leaving it fresh and shiny while at the same time strengthening the hair follicle, it also clears the mind of depressive states thanks to its aroma-therapeutic properties.

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    Product Details

    Rosmarinus Hair Revitalizer

    • Stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss.
    • Corrects accumulated damage, regenerates and revitalizes.
    • Eliminates dryness.
    • Does not contain silicones.
    • For dry or damaged hair.
    • Use: for all ages.
    • Application area: hair.
    • Presentation: 110 grams.
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