English Lavender

Lavender is a plant with more than 40 natural components, its aroma is special and its medicinal properties and virtues are widely recognized. Lavender is relaxing, so it is recommended to apply it to linen shelves, towels, blankets, pillows, pillowcases and sheets. It is also ideal for arthritic pain, torticollis, foot pain, headaches, lumbar pain, lumbago and it is an environmental reliever, since when applied as an air freshener it banishes environmental contamination from germs such as the flu.

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Many therapeutic and medicinal aroma properties are attributed to lavender, among the most popular; It lowers blood pressure, stimulates digestion, reduces inflammation, disinfects spaces, is sedative, diuretic and relieves all kinds of pain.

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The release of lavender is fragrant, clean and fresh, it awakens the sensation of clarity and to the extent that its essences evaporate, a delicious aroma remains on the surface that is reminiscent of old musk with very soft wood tones.

English Lavender

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Slightly camphorous floral-herbal fragrance with tiny woody notes reminiscent of cedar. Its release is important, volatile and diffused, which allows the delicious and sophisticated aroma of the flowering lavender buds to remain after a few minutes.

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Hilda Strauss English Lavender is processed in Holzminden, a perfume town located in north-central Germany, a concentrated fragrance with fine and delicate characteristics presented in a light mauve cologne.

Relax your nerves
Purifies spaces
Calms migraines
Relieves pain

In perfumery, the most aromatic and finest species of lavender in the world are found in Jersey (Great Britain), a small island of 116 kilometers, very close to the English Channel, closer to France than to England, True jewels in perfumery have been obtained on this island, from which replicated cuttings have been taken in France, Wales and northern Spain. The set of these varieties is what has been called Jersey Lavender, a lavender collected and taken to plants. of distillation processes.



  • A characteristic of lavender is that when used as a spray in spaces, it purifies, deodorizes, aromatizes and lowers the concentration of germs thanks to the disinfectant power of its aroma. The word lavender, precisely, comes from the Latin “lavare” meaning to wash and clean. .
  • When applied with the hand in friction on the nape of the neck, the temples, the neck and closing the eyes, you achieve a truly effective moment of calm that can calm migraines, headaches and palpitations.
  • It is ideal for relaxing the nerves due to its calming properties. It can be sprayed in environments occupied by nervous people or used directly by rubbing the area around the ears, as it produces well-being and clarity.
  • Relieves rheumatic pain, applied to the painful area and simultaneously to the neck and temples, calms joint pain and pain derived from disorders of the skeletal system.
  • Lavender is one of the essential oils recognized in aromatherapy, for increasing the immune response and strengthening the lungs, helping in cases of flu and colds. It also has antiseptic attributes that prevent the spread of germs and microorganisms.
  • The most interesting application of lavender is on linen, lingerie and bedding, not only because of the aroma, but also because of the energetic quality of the essence.
  • Active ingredients: English lavender .
Mode of Use
  • Apply in friction to the neck, neck, chest, head and body according to the condition. Spray in bedrooms, closets, shelves, linens and linens.
  • Use: Day and night - For all ages.
  • Application area: Hands, body and environmental spray.
  • After doing the ironing and having the folded groups of sheets, shirts, underwear, socks, etc., sprinkle the lavender on the cold clothes, and then store them on the shelves, this makes the clothes have a delicious fragrance and that in your closet or shelf will remain smelling clean. When aromatherapy is applied correctly, it is truly a prodigious tool in our lives.

If lavender is used to relieve ailments, it should only be applied to intact skin, not to places with wounds because, although lavender is healing, it can further irritate the wound.


    For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. If you experience sensitivity, temporarily discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.

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    What is Lavender
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    It is a plant also called lavender. A dwarf shrub that does not exceed 80 centimeters in height, it is the garden plant throughout Great Britain and is usually the favorite at the entrance of houses.

    Characteristics of Lavender
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    This plant of Mediterranean origin grows in the form of a small bush from which spikes emerge with small blue-violet flowers that give off a very special perfume related to the perfume industry.

    Benefits of Lavender
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    An additional fact that belongs to aromatherapy is that for many centuries lavender has been recommended to calm people with a “bad temper” due to its recognized calming power.

    Therapeutic properties
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    Lavender water is a delicious cologne known not only in aromatherapy, but also for its therapeutic properties, its smell has a calming effect, helps fight insomnia and reduces nerves and anxiety.

    Soothing properties
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    Its calming and sedative properties make it an ally to relieve respiratory problems, muscle pain and eliminate migraines while reviving and eliminating laziness.

    aromatic properties
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    The aroma of lavender, known since ancient times, is that of an essential oil with more than 40 concentrated, delicious natural components and with the guidance and mystique of aromatherapy used to calm and regain balance.

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    • Fresh feeling of cleanliness, tranquility and order.
    • Purifies spaces and lowers the concentration of germs thanks to the disinfectant power of its aroma.
    • Soothes migraines and headaches, applied with the hand in friction on the nape of the neck, temples and neck.
    • Body Splash.
    • For all skin types.
    • Use: day and night. For all ages.
    • Application area: hands, body and environmental spray.
    • Presentation: 240 milliliters.


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