Gaayatri Mantra

The Gaayatri Mantra represents one of the most sacred pronunciations of the Vedic civilizations. Also called “Mother Mantra”, “Iswara”, “Savitri” or “Creator of the worlds” essentially enunciates the absolute powers of the Eternal Father. The Vedas tell us that the Gaayatri Mantra or Higher Mantra produces freedom, improves physical conditions, provides magnetism and light, increases the strength of vital energy and intellect; They also stated that whoever has or pronounces the mantra acquires the power of the word.

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It is the sacred name of God in Tibetan and Sanskrit, names with such a special vibration that they act on the higher mental centers and become energy, dissolving everything negative. It is the mother mantra that draws spiritual strength and progress to memory.

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Meditation and mantra yoga teachers recommend mantras for their connections with mental power to ward off selfishness and negative energy, neutralize harmful thoughts, reject aggression, dispel difficulties, restore balance and change vibration.

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Mantras of positivism from Indian and Tibetan traditions, embossed on pure bronze plates, bathed in gold. On one side is the complete mantra, one of the most powerful in the world, and on the back, the sacred name in the form of a prayer in Tibetan.

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The translation of mantras is difficult to do; This mantra means for Westerners “Oh, my God in my heart!”, but, from the Tibetan, there is a more exact translation: “The gem or jewel of compassion and the lotus of wisdom dwell within our heart".


Meditation is a “natural” process of the human being, similar to eating or sleeping, it is a methodology that is written in the ancient and cellular memory of each person and of all of humanity. It is equivalent to thinking, but in an orderly and concentrated way.



  • Meditation object that promotes balance, healing and enlightenment.
  • This mantra enunciates, in essence, the absolute powers of the Eternal Father and our intention to submit to the infinite love of “He who knows everything and can do everything.” It is a mantra for freedom, detachment and to restore balance. It wards off bad vibrations and promotes intellectual and physical faculties. It provides the power of surrender, of protected will, of love, of light and goodness. It is also called the “Mother Mantra”, and is an element of personal meditation for intimate communication with the Creator through one of the most sacred pronunciations of the Vedic Civilizations.
  • On one side is the summary of the Tibetan Mantra OM MANI PEDME JUM which is the affirmation of the Being in the heart, the image of this face is at the entrance of many temples, it is considered to exterminate all negative mental currents and affirm the being and balance in the heart.
  • On the other side is the Gaayatri Mantra, which speaks of meditation on the inner Being, which destroys ignorance and brings us closer to the light. It mentions the inner Being with a super-sacred name SAVITUR, the rhythm, the configuration, the pronunciation of the Mantra and obviously the inscription alone acts as a “Splitter of negative energies and evocator of abundance.”
  • The Vedas knew it, this inscription and this pronunciation have the effect of unfolding as one against the negative currents and establishes balance, it is an affirmation of a truth with the enormous power to restore balance, the Gaayatri has the power to establish the power of faith, the Gaayatri is a symbol of hope, of dissipation of difficulty, its pronunciation and its inscription lead to order, the restoration of help and unity.
  • The Tibetans know very well that this Mantra drives away selfishness, drives away the negative energy of incorrect thoughts of all kinds, drives away aggressiveness and leaves the mind like a clean vessel ready to receive only the good.
How to use:
  • The Gaayatri Mantra is a pendant with a powerful key, charged with spiritual energy, designed to be worn by men and women hanging from a chain.
  • When we want to meditate, the first thing we must understand is that this is a process in which the body is relaxed and comfortable. For this reason, to begin, we must choose a space where there are no interruptions, where we can lie down or sit in the most relaxed way for our body. Meditation in itself is a gentle practice, to center ourselves.

The Gaayatri Mantra is a sacred prayer from the Rigveda, a mother mantra thousands of years old. Its sound destroys negative vibrations and evokes well-being and progress in mental strength. It must always be inscribed in Devanagari and must be pronounced in the original language: Om bur buvah suvahah Tat savitur varenyam bargo devashia dimayí dio io nahh prashodaiat.


Dry clean it with a very soft cotton cloth (do not wash it with soap and water), do not apply perfumes, creams or alcohol on the object and prefer to wear it over your clothing, that is, protecting it from sweat and oily secretion from the skin. (humor) that can damage the gold plating.

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What is a Mantra?
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It is a word of Sanskrit origin formed by the terms mana and tràyate (man-tra), which translate as "mind" and "liberation", hence it is said that a mantra is an instrument to free the mind from the flow of thoughts that They confuse her.

What is a mantra for?
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A mantra is a word or phrase that, when recited and repeated, takes the person to a state of deep concentration to easily enter a state of meditation and release of energy.

Communication facilitators
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It is important to specify that mantras are not exclusive to any belief or religion. On the contrary, they are facilitators of communication with the creator, regardless of each person's faith or religious belief.

His design
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A mantra is like a perfect formula of many elements, it must have a center, also called root or seed, and the rest of the pronunciation must have deep consonance with this center, its result must be ascending.

What is an ascending Mantra?
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An ascending mantra is one that works in the body and mind like an electrical switch, it is so powerful that it initiates the force of transformation as soon as the eyes see the lines and the ears hear the sound.

Its energetic effect
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A written mantra is a magnet that attracts positive force and a pronounced mantra has the power to concentrate the mind, for this reason the mantras are repeated for several minutes so that they reach the mental states and have that effect.

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Gaayatri Mantra

  • It represents one of the most sacred pronunciations of the Vedic civilizations.
  • It produces freedom, improves physical conditions and increases the strength of vital energy.
  • It has such a special vibration that it acts on the mental centers and is converted into energy.
  • Mother mantra that evokes spiritual strength, prosperity and progress.
  • It is the sacred name of God in Tibetan and Sanskrit.
  • Material: pure bronze plate plated in 18 karat gold.
  • Size: 2 x 3.3 centimeters.
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Gaayatri Mantra