Celtic Seal

The Celtic Seal is a tablet inscribed on both sides with mantras and runes of power, vitality and abundance, forming a sign of attraction of positive energy and prosperity. The straight strokes of the runes are equivalent to the vigor and strength of the energetic emanation. Mantras inscribed in Devanagari characters summarize a phrase or word of positive power. In the Celtic Seal the Christic mantras are elevated and concentrated by the force effect of the Hagal and Fa runes.

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It is a pendant engraved with mantras; an element of energetic attraction that, from the very moment of “initiating” it, joins the aura of the wearer and their mental power, to enhance the positive energy of the body and mind and, in this way, generate prosperity, stability and give a change to life.

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These seals have been considered since ancient times as a sign of good omen. It is not so simple to say good luck and a good omen; The meaning of these terms is deep and has a real basis, both in the sacred signs and in the mental cause that can be added to this object.

Celtic Seal

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It is a pure bronze plate with a double 18-karat gold plating and a protective coating, on which there is a mantra in Devanagari and a rune of power. A sign of stability, prosperity and good omen, to enhance the vibration and positive energy of the body and mind.

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In the Celtic Seal, the Christic mantras CRSHN and RAM are concentrated by the effect of the HAGAL and FA runes, bases of harmonic, stable and abundant positive vibration, and their straight lines, interestingly, are traditional symbols of vigor and projection of strength and energy.


Meditation is a “natural” process of the human being, similar to eating or sleeping, it is a methodology that is written in the ancient and cellular memory of each person and of all of humanity. It is equivalent to thinking, but in an orderly and concentrated way.



  • Object of Celtic origin and perennial companion, promoter of meditation for personal and family prosperity.
  • The mantras that contain the seal are the two central words of the greater mantra, on the main face the mantra Crishn, “the sacred name of the inner being”, in Sanskrit, is inscribed at the top of the plate. At the base we find the Hagal rune, “the rune of power and life”, these two inscriptions are combined to move energies because the sacred name joins the rune of communication with the atmic being in a combination of impact mental and is one of the most sacred mantras that exist. In the East, the mere fact of pronouncing it is a good omen and its inscription is definitely conceived as an effective talismanic force.
  • On the other side there is also, in Devanagari characters, the sacred mantra Ram, “the strength or power of the inner being” and on the base the rune Fa, “the rune of affirmation and security”, inscribed whenever it is speaks of atomic power.
How to use:
  • Set aside a moment of peace and quiet.
  • Hold the Celtic Seal with your right hand, preferably in a sitting position.
  • Close your eyes and focus on the heart region, imagine it radiant, profusely illuminated with blue light.
  • See yourself in a state of deep tranquility, see your problems solved with your imagination, see yourself smiling and happy, remember that imagining is seeing.
  • Imagine that the best things surround you, everything you have always dreamed of, see yourself stable and prosperous.
  • Inhale deeply, open your eyes and return to your daily life.
  • Carry the Celtic Seal with you.
  • Never lend the Celtic Seal to another person, remember that, because it is metallic, it retains strength, for this reason it is strictly personal.
  • When we want to meditate, the first thing we must understand is that this is a process in which the body is relaxed and comfortable. For this reason, to begin, we must choose a space where there are no interruptions, where we can lie down or sit in the most relaxed way for our body. Meditation in itself is a gentle practice, to center ourselves.

A mental order is powerful, a sacred mantra is powerful, a rune is force itself embodied in an inscription, this sign and this meditation are powerful, when we have the will and the firm purpose, we manage to do wonders, when we propose something and we have the exact elements, we can make anything come true.


Dry clean it with a very soft cotton cloth (do not wash it with soap and water), do not apply perfumes, creams or alcohol on the object and prefer to wear it over your clothing, that is, protecting it from sweat and oily secretion from the skin. (humor) that can damage the gold plating.

Celtic Seal
What is a Mantra?
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The mantras are generally inscribed in Devanagari graphics and this alphabet is exact, the letters cannot be made elongated or expanded, since they have a proportion established in the same way for thousands of years.

Mantras and runes
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Mantras combined with some runes are the ideal substrate for our mental power, it is an energetic and magical science, studied for thousands of years by spiritual beings who have clairvoyance of objects.

sacred inscription
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At the moment of imagining everything solved and seeing yourself full of prosperity, this sacred sign will be the bridge that communicates the purposes with the fact of making them come true, crystallizing them on the material plane.

His design
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A mantra is like a perfect formula of many elements, it must have a center, also called root or seed, and the rest of the pronunciation must have deep consonance with this center, its result must be ascending.

The meditation
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When it is taken in the hands and activated in meditation, the “auric light” is sticking to it, it is being impregnated with force and a communication is generated between the higher will, the seal and the force that is produced.

When to do meditation
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It can be done several times by taking the seal back into your hand and repeating it, then putting it back on; It is formidable, it is to strengthen the purpose, ensure what you want to achieve and guarantee well-being and tranquility.

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Product Details

Celtic Seal

  • Tablet inscribed on both sides with mantras and runes of power, vitality and abundance.
  • Mantras inscribed in Devanagari characters summarize a phrase or word of positive power.
  • This type of seal has been considered a sign of good omen since ancient times.
  • It is a sign of attraction, positive energy and prosperity.
  • Material: double 18 karat gold plating.
  • Size: 1.7 x 2.2 centimeters.
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